The evolution of motion

When entertaining, cooking, and cleaning, it's important for your kitchen to do the heavy lifting.

Tradition. Technology. Innovation.

While American kitchens are steeped in tradition, with Blum’s modern technology, you can have any look you want without sacrificing usability. MOVENTO can give you a kitchen that's rooted in tradition but functions on the leading edge of furniture hardware technology.

Clean up has never been easier!

Keep your trash and recycle bins in a cabinet and out of the way when you don't want to see them, but perfectly in reach when you need them. MOVENTO drawer runners allow for overtravel, meaning the drawer opens past the front of your cabinets. Bin and bag removal is quick and easy, especially if you add TIP-ON BLUMOTION or SERVO-DRIVE.

Deep and wide

MOVENTO concealed runners give you the design freedom for deep, wide drawers that will hold anything you would like to store. Store cast iron, stoneware, food processors, toasters, and anything else that will free up valuable counter space.

Need a hand with that?

We’ve all been there – struggling to open a cabinet with dirty or full hands. With the magic of MOVENTO add-on features like TIP-ON BLUMOTION and SERVO-DRIVE, bring wood drawers into the future by automating opening and closing with the lightest touch.

Case studies

MOVENTO in kitchens

MOVENTO has been designed to handle the demands of everyday kitchen use, i.e. heavy storage items and frequent opening and closing.

MOVENTO in hallways

The runner system is available in standard and heavy duty, for stability and ultra-smooth running action no matter what you store. That’s why it’s ideal for living areas throughout the home.

MOVENTO in living rooms

High stability even for wide drawers in living rooms.

Bottom mounted MOVENTO in living rooms

MOVENTO is so versatile.


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